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‘Who was selling? Not HODLers’ — New data hints at Bitcoin crash ‘culprit’ amid leverage wipe-out

A classic dichotomy between hodlers and leveraged traders sets this week’s Bitcoin price dip apart from the coronavirus crash of March 2020.

Bitcoin (BTC) crashed by $9,000 in hours on Tuesday thanks to a mass unwinding of leveraged traders and borrowers, one analyst believes.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Willy Woo sought to get to the bottom of what made BTC/USD dive to lows of $42,800 on Tuesday.

Woo: Bitcoin margin borrowers and open interest may be to blame

With rumors flying over who was behind Bitcoin’s major price dip, analysts have been crunching data in order to understand where the rout began.

Analogies to the March 2020 crash, sparked by coronavirus measures, abound, but Tuesday’s event showed major differences, Woo said.

“Leverage markets sold off but investor buying just got stronger,” he summarized.

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“Healthy cleansing”

While the processes involved may be complicated for the average observer, the strength of Bitcoin’s rebound and ongoing investor buy-ins suggest that cold feet among hodlers were not involved in the event.

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According to on-chain monitoring resource Whalemap, large-volume investors who were newcomers to the market provided the vast majority of sell-side pressure.

“So yesterday we had a sell off. The move was quite violent and large volumes of Bitcoin were being sold off on spot markets, researchers tweeted alongside a chart showing where those parties had acquired BTC.

“But who was selling? Not HODLers. Mostly whales and in fact the ones that bought their btc only quite recently.”

‘Who was selling? Not HODLers’ — New data hints at Bitcoin crash ‘culprit’ amid leverage wipe-out

Bitcoin whale outflows annotated chart. Source: Whalemap/Twitter

For fellow analyst William Clemente, meanwhile, Tuesday provided a welcome reset of frothy derivatives markets.

“Investor activity strengthening + Leveraged speculators wiped = healthy cleansing,” he concluded alongside Woo’s findings.

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