United Citizens Organization launches as a blockchain initiative at COP26

A consortium of partners spoke during the COP26 conference about the inception of a new blockchain climate initiative and shared details on its future ambitions.

Speaking at a COP26 press conference in Glasgow, Scotland on Wednesday, a panoply of experts from the tech-environmental sector spoke to global citizens across the world about improving coordination and support for climate action with blockchain technology.

The GloCha United Citizens Organization for Action for Climate Empowerment has been launched at COP26 as a blockchain-based quasi-international organization located in Klagenfurt, Austria. It will now seek to utilize blockchain technology to advance climate change objectives in alignment with the UN SDGs. 

The UCO is rooted in the Action for Climate Empowerment Innovation Project, or ACE_AT, as well as Global Challenges Action Empowerment Consortium, or GloCha. It serves to facilitate open discussions about society’s collective vision for climate action and to empower large-scale resource mobilization.

GloCha has partnered with the UN Habitat Youth Programme and Climate Chain Coalition, among others, to collaborate with youth climate groups to construct the technological and institutional infrastructure required to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through impact-oriented entrepreneurship models. 

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Hosted by the GloCha founder Miroslav Polzer, panelists included Romi Sumaria, Dairou Sidiki, as well as Cointelegraph’s editor-in-chief, Kristina Cornèr representing as a media partner of UCO, among others.

Co-Founder & CEO of Oblique Life, Romi Sumaria, spoke about the opportunities for mobilizing financial and human capital towards climate change initiatives through the implementation of blockchain technology, stating:

Citing analytical data metrics such as the Levelized Cost of Energy, or LCOE, and Transmission capacity to determine the ease of transition towards green production, the report concluded:

“The Bitcoin and energy markets are converging and we believe the energy asset owners of today will likely become the miners of tomorrow.”

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