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Trezor’s failure to support upcoming BCH fork comes under fire

Trezor has announced it will wait to see the outcome of Bitcoin Cash’s Nov. 15 fork before pledging support for Bitcoin ABC or Bitcoin Cash Node

Hardware wallet manufacturer Trezor drew criticism after it announced Bitcoin Cash (BCH) holders hoping to receive an airdrop with the hard fork expected for Nov. 15 will have to transfer their coins elsewhere.

In a Nov. 5 announcement, Trezor’s parent company SatoshiLabs asserted it will wait for the community to determine which Bitcoin Cash implementation will dominate the network moving forward:

In the last seven days, only 1% of all BCH blocks signaled support for Bitcoin ABC, meaning the hash power supporting ABC’s proposition has been quite small. Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) has received backing from miners since its inception, with 75.3% of blocks mined currently signaling for its support.

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The fork’s Nov. 15 date also signifies the two-year anniversary of the Bitcoin Cash split with Bitcoin SV (BSV) that occurred during the last Bitcoin Cash hard fork — an example where both chains of the fork managed to survive after going down irreconcilable paths. Last month, the price of BCH hit fresh lows against BTC, with the upcoming fork unlikely to improve morale among an already fractured community.

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