The Parallaxcoin canceled the Commission for exchange

This year Cryptocurrency Exchange cancels commissions for cryptocurrency. This was reported in the official press release of Parallaxcoin Wallet. This means that all users of the platform’s website can perform these actions for free.
Eliminating commissions is another step for Parallaxcoin to create a world where financial freedom is not restricted, and the opportunity to live a better life is available to everyone. Cryptocurrency technology removes barriers as much as possible that governments and corporations set for their own benefit, such as restrictions on currency transactions. By purchasing a crypt linked to the dollar or Euro, people can gain access to world currencies, despite such barriers. And this is absolutely legal.
However, many users do not dare to operate with crypts, because they are deterred by the commissions of exchanges and other platforms, which usually amount to 5-7%. offers its users 0% commissions for exchange operations, cryptocurrency transfers and use of savings instruments.

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How I can change BTC in other currencies or otherwise in Parallaxcoin?

Parallaxcoin is an uncustodial cryptocurrency exchange that is located inside a Blockchain wallet. It allows users to quickly and easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another, without having to use Fiat money as an intermediary, and without having to leave your blockchain wallet at all. Thanks to this technology, you can quickly make exchanges between BTC, ETH and BCH.
Fully integrated into our non-custodial Parallaxcoin wallet, exchanger allows users to exchange assets in the blockchain.
You can use it for a variety of operations: to move out of volatile assets, to protect yourself from events in the Fiat world, or to try out a new crypto asset. Whatever the reason for using it, it’s easy and simple with exchanger.
There are many great reasons our Parallaxcoin Wallet users love using integrated exchanger:

  • Quickly switch to an asset that you think will grow
  • Move from a volatile asset to one of our stable coins
  • Hedging against real-world events
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With the new opportunity, given by, website’s users are now able to exchange their cryptocurrencies inside a Wallet without any losses.

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