NFT whale ‘Pranksy’ pranked by fake Banksy for 97.7 ETH

NFT collector Pranksy has been refunded the 100 Ether he spent on a digital artwork fraudulently claiming to have been composed by popular artist, Banksy.

Nonfungible token collector Pransky was duped out of 97.67 Ether, worth $341,500, after the website of popular artist Banksy was hijacked to promote a fake NFT auction.

However, almost all of the money has since been refunded. 

On Aug. 31, Pransky spotted a page on Banksy’s official website promoting an NFT auction on the popular marketplace, OpenSea. Despite voicing his misgiving as to the authenticity of the token, Pranksy opted to participate in the auction and increased the highest bid by 87 Ether ($304,500) to almost 100 ETH.

The bid was accepted, but after a link to the OpenSea auction was removed from Banksy’s website, the NFT investor began to fear the listing may have been fraudulent. Just one hour after sharing the auction on Twitter, Pranksy posted:

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