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Ethereum Social Sentiment Surges as Staking Starts

Ethereum is one of the best performing crypto assets of the day, albeit behind its big brother. ETH prices got their initial boost on November 4 when the deposit contract was officially deployed. The asset rose 5% on the back of that to reach $405.

Bitcoin is a bigger driver of momentum for ETH prices as today’s 8% surge to $440 illustrates. Either way, social engagement for Ethereum has cranked over the past day or two according to analytics from LunarCrush.

Ethereum Staking Taking Off

This trend is likely to continue as staking gains popularity during Ethereum’s gradual shift to ETH 2.0 and the proof-of-stake consensus. Since it was officially announced earlier this week, 33,125 ETH has been staked on the smart contract according to the Eth 2 Launchpad.

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At today’s prices that works out at $14.2 million. In order for Phase 0 to launch with the Beacon Chain genesis, there needs to be a minimum threshold of 16,384 validators depositing 32 ETH to total 524,288 ETH seven days in advance.

Developers have suggested that this will occur in early December. Currently, the network is 6.3% towards its total so a further $211 million worth of ETH is required.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin made his contribution of 3200 ETH, worth around $1.37 million, as noted by Ethhub founder Anthony Sassano.

Sentiment for staking is growing even though initial participation has been slow to take off. It is likely that the majority of ETH holders are waiting for the Beacon Chain to launch and run without issue for a few months before staking their bags.

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Additionally, staked ETH must be locked up for at least a year so there may be better earning opportunities and more financial flexibility in DeFi.

ETH Price Update

Ethereum has retreated slightly from its two month high of $440 a couple of hours ago pulling back below $430 but it appears to be regaining momentum at the time of writing.

There is very little resistance all the way up to the 2020 high of $480 so if ETH can break above current levels things are likely to move quickly. On the down side there is support at $420 and stronger support at $380.

All eyes are on Bitcoin at the moment though and Ethereum is still moving within its shadow.

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