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Aerospace Mogul Thales To Comply With NATO Standards Using Blockchain

The French multinational giant will be integrating Blockchain and Big Data technologies for the company’s digital transformation. The defense and aeronautics enterprise will also use novice technology to comply with NATO standards.

A Step Towards Digital Transformation

As per a recent report, Thales will be integrating Big Data and blockchain in a new management system, which will lead to the digital transformation of the headquarters’ Production and Maintenance center. The inner company body will have a platform interconnected with all the applications in its network, thus creating internal connectivity of all the workbenches and test means to extract information aimed to be used efficiently. 

The upcoming platform will also aim at the efficient connection of all processes, improved customer communication, and other maintenance operations.

The planned blockchain transformation is to help Thales comply with NATO and defense authorities’ standards, including traceability of processes.  

“To comply with NATO standards and those of the Ministries of Defence with which the company collaborates, blockchain will be used to ensure the traceability of all parts and products handled in the Production and Maintenance Center”, reads the official Thales announcement. 

Blockchain Important To The Future Of Aeronautics And Defence Market

Blockchain is probably to be implemented in many fields. Aeronautics and defense are amongst them. A recent report states that during the period 2020-2025, blockchain technology in the aerospace and defense market is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 35%. Forecasts show that the expected growth will be due to an increase in investments in blockchain technology into commercial aviation. 

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Airline companies are showing their readiness to adopt blockchain-based practices as well. In this regard, Lufthansa is among those who have invested in the technology and trying to incorporate it into their business models, including retail, baggage and cargo tracking, distribution, and increasing transparency for flight maintenance. 

As CryptoPotato recently reported, Russia’s largest bank and S7 airlines partnered to sell tickets for tokens.

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